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About Us

Al Bader Engineering & Business (ABEB) is an Omani SME and PDO – LCC (Local Community Contractor), established in the year 2019. The Company is built to provide Technical services in the field of Civil and Electromechanical works for Oil & Gas – PDO, Shell, Oxy, Operators (Telcos), Utility Sectors and Defence.

Our Services

Site Survey and Design

Backbone, Access Network, FTTH-Feeder, Distribution and Last Mile

Civil Works

Excavation of Trenches, Ducting, Manhole Construction and Installation

Quantity Surveying

Field Survey, Estimation, preparation bill of materials and bill of quantity

Testing and Commissioning Services

Duct Integrity Test (DIT), Fiber Health-checks, Splicing and Termination and

Project Management Services

Termination, Splicing, Testing & Commissioning and Project

Solar Solutions

Construct Solar Foundations, Design and Fabricate Solar Structures,

Permitting Services

Apply & Obtain PTW from Oil & Gas companies for excavation works,

Electromechanical Works

Fabrication of Transformers, Water and Fuel Tanks, Sludge and Liquid Wast

We Always Ready for a Challenge

Why Choose
Al-Bader Engineering

  • Al Bader Engineering is a local Omani company focused on providing Engineering Services
    mainly Civil and Electromechanical works
  • Executed several complex projects in the past 5 years (more than 170kms of Fiber Optic Trenching
    and laying works in the Oil & Gas field strictly following SP2320C and SP-1279Rev5 specification
    and standards, Fabrication of civil foundation works, Manhole construction works etc

Our Featured Projects

Explore our civil and electromechanical projects, featuring fiber optic trenching, foundation fabrication, and manhole construction in the Oil & Gas sector.

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